Artists For a Cure For Breast Cancer

Top 10 adult contemporary recording artist Cloning Einstein would like to support the effort to raise awareness, promote early detection and ultimately find a cure for breast cancer, a disease that has devastated the lives of countless mothers, daughters, sisters and families. Let Hope Reign!

To Help Make a Difference, contribute to Susan G. Komen For The Cure, the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, by visiting their web site at

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Video by Diane Davies

by Cloning Einstein

The conversations at the dinner table
The love in her eyes
How she makes our house a home
When she holds my hand
How she listens
The wisdom of her advice
Her dreams and hopes
Her wedding day
Her graduation day
The day she became a mother
Her pride for her children
Her love for her family
How hard she works
Her smile and laughter
The love in her heart
The example she sets
The sound of her voice
Her endless support
How she shares my dreams
The sensitivity of her touch
The warmth of her embrace
The things she taught me
Her innocense and integrity
Her beauty and passion
Her strength and resilience

She's the mother, the sister, the wife, the daughter, the friend and the hero in our life....Let's Return the Favor!

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Inspiration to Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Cloning Einstein has always had a passion for Making a Difference through our music. Our previous Make a Difference Campaign raised thousands for the Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund which contributes educational grants to the children of fallen officers in the Philadelphia area.

Why the Fight Against Breast Cancer?

There are a plethora of reasons for CE's campaign to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. When we were thinking about what to do, we felt strongly that we could best impact the most lives by supporting a cause that most affects our listeners. By the simple nature of our music, the majority of our listeners are men and women over the age of 30 and as we did our research, one of the causes that we were considering was the fight against breast cancer. It was a very difficult decision because how does one make a decision on who to support when there are so many worthy causes? Each member of our band is passionate about a variety of issues from the environment to animal rights to children's health issues.

Then one day during the process, out of the blue we came across something in the Philadelphia Daily News paper that literally rocked us to the core and ended our trepidation, and inspired us with great passion to support the fight against breast cancer. It was an obituary of a beautiful young woman named Patrice DiMezzo from Philadelphia, PA who recently lost her fight against breast cancer and left behind a family of 5, 3 daughters and a husband, at the early age of 45.

The obituary requested that all donations be directed to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and included a photo of what seemed like an exceptionally beautiful and vibrant women who was full of life. It is just inconceivable to us that this could happen during this age of technology and science in the year 2008. Although we never met Patrice DiMezzo or her family and we hope very much that they are not offended by this testimonial, she seems very much like she could have easily been the sister, the daughter, the mother, the wife, the friend or next door neighbor in our life... Her story hit home for us, and we made our decision to do whatever we could to help end this dreadful disease and the anguish it brings to women like Patrice DiMezzo and her family. Here's to Patrice DiMezzo and the thousands of women everywhere who fight the fight. Lets Make a Difference for them!


Joe, Jeff, Colin, Joe and Tom
Cloning Einstein

Video credits: Slide show photos from the following web sites: American Cancer Society, The White House, Cancer Survivors Network, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity,,, Utopia Home Care Inc., Additional photos from the following members of pmaddox, candidkids, originalmulli, wittygirl, eliselovesprada's, moonlightdreams, lafemmejen, portesi, jwphoto, virgo69.

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